Malvern Qualities

– Malvern Qualities –

When your children come to Malvern, they begin a journey aimed at developing certain character traits which we believe are important to their continued success in life, beyond school.

We do not say that the Malvern Qualities are the only ones which should be instilled in young people, but we have noticed that our pupils do benefit, to an unusual degree, from the focus placed on them. Spurred on by these qualities, they become sophisticated thinkers with a realistic approach to their own talents and abilities, they develop the capacity to see themselves as others see them and their interpersonal skills are boosted. Malvernians strive for success, but can cope with setbacks, they are confident, but not arrogant and they see learning as a lifelong experience. They are optimistic about the future.



We agree to be resilient in seeing challenges as opportunities to develop ourselves, remaining persistent in pursuing our goals and positive to setbacks with confidence and good humour.


We agree to show curiosity by being vulnerable to the unknown, inquiring and exploring in order to develop our best practice and to encourage professional development.


We agree to show self-awareness by understanding our strengths and weaknesses, knowing when we can offer and ask for help and by being reflective in our practice.


We agree to show kindness by respecting ourselves and others, offering help to those who need it and by showing empathy and compassion to others’.


We agree to show independence by showing courage to try things by ourselves, by taking responsibility for our own development and exhibiting self-motivation.


We agree to show integrity by being confident in expressing views, opinions, beliefs and philosophies in a constructive way.


We agree to show ambition through setting goals, working hard to achieve our objectives, celebrating the little successes, and regularly re-evaluating our visions.


We agree to remain open-minded by embracing differences, being flexible, listening to and responding to our team mates.


We agree to take risks by stepping out of our ‘comfort zone’, to have new experiences and challenge ourselves both personally and professionally.


We agree to show collaboration by sharing our skills and knowledge, responding to others’ ideas and opinions and knowing that we all have the children’s best interest at heart.


We agree to show humility by recognising the importance of both yourself and others, and understanding how these work together to create an even greater shared success.