Message from the Headmaster

Message from Chairperson and Managing Director

Jacqueline So

I am deeply thrilled about the opening of Malvern College Chengdu. Not only because it is the first of its kind in the region which is set to bring innovation, but also the strong team that we are able to assemble who are uniquely qualified to bring the quality education to our students in Western China.

Education is so critical in one’s life that I believe it will be the determining success factor for individuals and countries in the next decade. As a forward-looking school, we would like to serve to the vision that we are preparing our students not only for knowledge acquisition, exam preparation, and university admission, but also provide an education of a life time to cope with the future world—learning aptitudes, understanding of one’s passion, strengths and weakness, ability to connect and relate to people from different cultures and backgrounds, and most importantly the upholding of traditional values and virtues.

The learning and teaching at Malvern College Chengdu will be highly personalized, with every student treated as an individual developing at his/her own pace. The student-oriented approach will encourage the students to acquire the active study skills much needed in university study in 21st century. We are acutely aware that our students are brought up in a traditional Chinese learning environment, therefore a transition into the international education will take time and effort.Our curriculum will have a strong focus on English as an Additional Language and subjects which Chinese students have natural strength in, supplemented with academic enrichment to push students beyond their comfort zone in subjects like English Literature, Humanities, and foreign languages, as well as tutoring in other areas of the core curriculum.

The pastoral and co-curricular part of our education is truly extraordinary. We place equal emphasis on classroom learning and out-of-classroom experiential learning. Drawing from our own experience, the clubs, outdoor pursuits, concerts, international exchanges and other things happening outside the classroom build our character and form the best memories of our school life. We believe that throughout your years at Malvern College Chengdu, you will be able to acquire a holistic set of skills that enable you to deal with challenges and opportunities in life, wherever you are and whenever it is.

I would encourage you to look through our website and meet our School Management Committee members, management, and staff, a collaborative team who are committed to bring the best education to the students in the region. A visit to our campus and a face-to-face meeting with us will deepen your experience as we will be able to share with you how we put these concepts into action.

  Jacqueline So
Chairperson and Managing Director

Message from the Academic Headmaster of Malvern College Chengdu

Gerrard Docherty

Welcome to Malvern College Chengdu!  I would like to thank you for taking the time to explore the pages of this website and hope that you will find that MCC is an exciting place to be, just like the city we live in.

We hope you gain some important insights into the range of opportunities and experiences we provide as well as how a combination of place, people, and principles offers students a unique community in which to grow into the best versions of themselves.

Our comprehensive mission goes well beyond preparing students for college and university. The MCC experience focuses on developing the intellectual, ethical, social, spiritual, moral, aesthetic and physical capacities of every student that we enroll. We are an ambitious school, proud of our close links with Malvern College in the UK.  Each day we try to live up to the high expectations of the original group of Malvernians who had the vision and wisdom to pour their energies and direct their resources into creating an educational experience that produces intellectually curious, internationally-minded and well-rounded citizens.

Our own vision grows from a passionate belief in the importance of a classical education and noble virtues. One of my major goals as Headmaster is to ensure that in addition to academic excellence we continue to stress and highlight the development of our Malvern Qualities; Resilience, Integrity, Curiosity, Risk-Taking, Independence, Collaboration, Self-Awareness, Open-Mindedness, Kindness, Ambition and Humility in every member of Malvern Family at MCC.

Our aim at MCC is to be a happy and purposeful school that strives to provide an ethical and moral environment that develops teamwork, leadership skills, and encourages pupils to take risks, yet still feel safe and happy. Our curriculum and co-curricular program is continuously refined and we are proud to balance the benefits of a British curriculum and education with the importance of maintaining and promoting local culture and traditions.

We pride ourselves in knowing each child and in working with each individual to realize their true potential in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the stage or on the playing field. We recognize that every child is special and has their own contributions to make. At MCC we have high expectations of our children and set challenging targets for them. Our students will leave school and enter a very competitive world where they will need all their academic ability, strength of character and personal skills to be successful. We provide a rigorous but nurturing environment in which they will become active and capable citizens of tomorrow.

We therefore employ educators that are in tune with the latest academic research, who are able to adjust their teaching to accommodate varying learning styles, who turn up to watch their students in school productions and on the sports field and who communicate with parents proactively as it is their committed approach that is at the heart of successful schooling.  We expect our teachers to care and to care with passion and to believe that it is a genuine privilege to work in this profession.

At MCC we believe in an education which challenges students to achieve things they never thought possible and inspires within them a lifelong love of learning. We believe that every child can do amazing things and that it’s our job to help make this potential a reality.

The pages of our website can only provide a brief snapshot of what we try to offer on a daily basis.  To obtain a fuller understanding of the big picture I invite you to come to MCC and see us in action.  You will be assured of a very warm welcome!

I look forward to meeting you.

Gerrard Docherty
Academic Headmaster Malvern College Chengdu