Sports and Arts

Sport and Arts form an integral part of our education at Malvern College Chengdu. All students take a physical education class which introduces them to a range of sports typical of British school education such as Football, Hockey, Baseball, and the quintessential English game of cricket. Ever popular Basketball is another key part of the programme taught by our specialist sports staff.

Our hope is that students will experience the thrill of being on the winning side, and the heartbreak of defeat and learn from these experiences. Team players will understand what it means to pour effort into something greater than you. Students will learn to deal with successes and failures.

The ability to be a leader and contributor in any field comes from discovering and harnessing your creative side. Art, Music, and Drama are an integral part of the educational opportunities available here. There is an array of extra-curricular music and art activities available to both the accomplished and the novice alike. Students have the opportunity to take lessons to learn a new instrument as well as joining the Music and Art extra-curricular activities, or Drama productions in our Amphitheatre.


Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

Resourcefulness, independence, integrity and commitment are the qualities exemplified by successful Duke of Edinburgh Award students. All students undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Award, whether at Bronze, Silver or Gold level, engage in voluntary work, physical skills training and expeditions that enable pupils to develop their character and leadership abilities.

The Duke of Edinburgh physical component can be completed through team games and sports, or individual activities. This section of the award allows pupils to develop interests beyond the classroom through team sports such as basketball, cricket, football or hockey or to pursue an individual physical activity, such as improving personal fitness, or to learn a different skill, from Bridge to cooking.

The volunteering and expedition sections of the Duke of Edinburgh Award provide a great opportunity for students to develop team work and leadership abilities. Students on expedition move out of their comfort zone, camping and cooking outdoors, map reading and orienteering.