Teaching Approach


Adopting the best educational practices of British boarding schools, including personalized learning and small class sizes, our experienced teachers will assist students with gradually adapting to a Western-style learning environment, so that they ultimately achieve the best possible results in their chosen examinations. Our carefully designed co-curriculum, pastoral care and leadership development programs will develop students into well-rounded individuals, and prepare them not only for entry into leading universities worldwide, but also for future career choices and life after school.


We adopt a British style of education with small classes taught in English, supplemented with extra tutorial teaching time. Staff will incorporate case studies, group discussions, and individual presentations into the day-to-day teaching to facilitate students’ learning. With the student-oriented approach, staff assist students to adapt to an international learning environment encouraging them to become independent learners. Our pastoral care and teaching team will tailor the student’s curriculum according to their career and university preferences. This will include a full range of extra-curricular activities, internships and career and university application advice—enabling students to advance to their preferred universities.


Malvern College Chengdu offers a holistic education. We place equal emphasis on intellectual and personal development providing a well-rounded British education for your sons and daughters in a creative and caring environment. The intrinsic value of a holistic education supported by a strong family atmosphere, where every pupil is important, and encouraged to aim for excellence in academic, sport, art, drama and music endeavours, is at the heart of a Malvern College education.


Developing our students as the global leaders of tomorrow, who are principled individuals with a commitment to the community in which they live, is something we hold dear. Our unique leadership programme takes place on a Wednesday afternoon every week. Through this programme we will develop the students’ abilities to take on positions of responsibility where they can learn both what it means to lead, and learn to be part of a team. This will enable all students to have the opportunity to gain a special award.

We encourage all pupils to take on responsibilities that support the work of the School and benefit others; linking with our emphasis on community. Leadership is not just about encouraging others, it is also about empowering others to move forward to a shared goal to serve the community.